PlayCare Hours

Monday – Friday Mornings

9 AM until 12 PM

For ages 6months until Kindergarten starts in the Fall.

What is PlayCamp:

PlayCamp is an extension of PlayCare. The program is for ages 6months up to rising 4th grade. PlayCamp will be open on days that local schools are closed for various reasons including holidays, weather, etc. or we are unable to meet the daily total for PlayCare. If during weather related times our facility is safe for the children and our staff, we will open our doors to the families to get hot coffee, showers, wi-fi, etc.

Contact Person: Nicole Jozic, Director 843-757-4774

PlayCare is a flexible childcare program for infants (6 months) to school age. You can sign your little one up for once a week (or more), once a month, or once in a while….
PlayCare is a chance for young children to break away from Mom & Dad and have some fun. While Mom & Dad get a well deserved and guilt free “time-out”. You can use your time to run errands, have lunch with friends, or volunteer in an older child’s classroom. All while your little one safely plays with us!
Our Mission: PlayCare is a safe, loving, and Christ centered learning environment. Our goal is to love the children and serve their families. We strongly advocate and support the Christian values of caring, sharing, and loving. We believe strongly in strengthening the self-esteem of the child and his/her respect for fellow beings.
Our morning routine will be a structured routine – because predictability in routine tends to increase a child’s sense of security in a new situation.
We believe “children learn by doing” so there will be many opportunities for imaginative play, exploration, blocks, arts and crafts, and movement activities. We will also read stories and sing songs. Finally, a small snack will be served.