WELCA Events Are Postponed

Our Monthly Meeting is Thursday at 10 am

Book Club - the First Tuesday at 2 pm

Craft Group - the Secoond Tuesday at 11 am in the Café.

Ladies, remember to check out the WELCA table in the Narthex for retreat information. 

Women of the ELCA

We help spread God's Word and Love In the following Ways:
Growing In Faith
Reaching Out With Love
Aiding the Congregation
Caring In the Community and World
Encouraging Each Other
Purpose Statement
As a community of Women
created in the image of God,
called to discipleship in Jesus Christ,
and empowered by the Holy Spirit,
We Commit ourselves to:
grow in faith,
affirm our gifts,
Support one another in our calliings,
engage in ministry and aciton,
and promote healing and wholeness in the Church,
the society and
the world.
Lord of Life Women meet monthly, on the third Thursday morning, for a light breakfast and business meeting that may feature a speaker, progress reports of ongoing missions and fellowship with one anotherer.
We also meet for lunch or dinner on alternating months, have a book club and craft group
Contact Person: Linda Roland at or  (304)382-2895