Lap Robes Mission Completed!

Our Target date was Armed Forces Day on May 16th, but we had to postpone due to the COVID pandemic. We started our mission with a group of eight ladies who signed up to knit or crochet lap robes for the soldiers and it grew to14.Some ladies were able to complete several robes and one person, Mary Nickerson, finished 13 robes.
All our our ladies have expressed love, joy, and gratitude for our military men and women. Prayers from Lord of Life were attached to each robe. We thank all of the ladies for their hard work. On Veteran's Day, with love in our hearts, we sent 50 lap robes to our Veteran's hospital and the Naval Station in Beaufort.
Also a special thank you to Lt. Colonel Ty Kopke of Bluffton for all of his help in delivering the robes.